DITH, with reference to the automotive steel, during the last 10 years has created a panel of reliable suppliers to cover a wide range of qualities and dimensions.
To be represented in front of the customers as a local Supplier, Duferco Commerciale is taking care of:

  • Delivery Terms : DAT or DDP upon customer request’s
  • Financing & Credit Insurance
  • Technical support from HQ and by local technical offices
  • Develop a strong coordination with each Steel Supplier
  1. Targets
  2. Technical Assistance
  3. Commercial and administrative support


  • DITH buys steel coils from above mentioned Mills according to FOB or CFR basis
  • Inspection of the coils at loading and unloading ports
  • Unloading from the vessel and storage into the warehouse at discharging port
  • Commitment for buffer/security stock
  • Delivery based on Consignment stock and just in time approach
  • Flow of the material based on the specific needs of the customer

Technical Approach

Considering the quality range proposed by the mix of the steel suppliers , it has been necessary to set up a regular high level technical discussions in order to generate a tailor made offer to each customer.

Commercial Approach

DITH Automotive Business Unit offers a large range of contract adapted to customer needs.
In addition to this approach, DITH can support OEM RESALE contracts in order to ensure and secure prime material costs


Technical Support & Expertise

  • Automotive Material Knowledge: (Norms, Applications, Product Development).
  • Automotive Steels Production Processes: Requirements and specifications (stamping, profiling, welding, painting & corrosion).
  • Automotive Steel Testing: (General and Specific tests – Sampling / Follow up).
  • Quality System Issues: (Homologations, Contract reviews, Supplies).
  • Automotive Processing: (Stamping, Painting, Assembling).


AUTOMOTIVE – Products Mix

Cold Rolled: Surface Quality and Finish

Unexposed (A), and Exposed (B)
Bright, Semi-Bright, Matte, Rough (wide range of roughness guaranteed)

Surface finish Symbol Roughness (cut off: 0,8 mm)
Bright b Ra ≤ 0,4 µm 
Semi-bright g Ra ≤ 0,9 µm
Normal m 0,6 µm Ra < Ra ≤ 1,9 µm
Rough r Ra > 1,6 µm

Cold Rolled product can be produced by both Continuous Annealing (CA) and Batch Annealing (BA).
Product developed up to now are available from both annealing processes.

Coated Products

Coating Mass:
Pure Zinc (Z): minimum 90 g/m2, Maximum 275 g/m2
Iron Zinc (ZF): minimum 80 g/m2, Maximum 100 g/m2

Surface Quality and Finish:
MB: Minimized Spangle, Improved surface (Z)
MC: Minimized Spangle, Best Quality Surface (Z)
RB: Regular Improved Surface (ZF)
RC: Best Quality Surface (ZF)

According to customer’s requirements.
Ra = 0.8 – 1.2 micron is the typical range

Coil Weight, Surface Treatment

Coil Weight:
Max CW 25 MT for CA and CR,
Max CW 30 MT for HDG (theoretical): practically 25-28 can be guaranteed without any problem.
Typical : 20-25 MT

Coil ID: 508 mm, 610 mm, 760 mm

Coil OD: On the customer requirements

Surface Treatment:
Surface Treatment available are: O, C, CO, PC, PCO and U

Electrostatic oiler: Control between +/- 150 mg/m2
Oil brands: Houghton, Fuchs, Quaker (Anti-Rust, Prelubs)
Special request for other oil braches shall be examined case by case.

According to customer’s requirements. Ra = 0.8 – 1.2 micron is the typical range

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